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Brand guidelines for Katalon Store publishers

Logo and assets

  • Dimension: 150 x 150px

  • Format: png, jpeg

Use a unique logo to represent your brand and unique logos to represent your plugins in the Katalon Store.

  • Guidelines for a plugin logo

  • Example of an approved logo:

Note: The plugin logo should be clear and simple and should not use Katalon or any of Katalon's product logos, wordmarks, fonts, names, illustrations, or icons.

  • Examples of NOT approved logos:

Note 1: Do not use our product logos, either on their own or in conjunction with your logo.

Note 2: Do not create logos in the likeness of Katalon product logos.

Note 3: Do not use Katalon product names, wordmarks, or wordmark font.

Note 4: Do not use Katalon-owned illustrations, icons, or other brand assets.

Plugin name in Katalon Store

  • All of plugin names are written in title case. That means each letter except the first letter in the name is lowercase. All references to our products in text must utilize the proper case.


    DYNAMIC FILTERING TEST SUITE ⇒ Dynamic Filtering Test Suite

    Dynamic filtering test suite ⇒ Dynamic Filtering Test Suite

  • Use names that describe what your plugin does or that match your brand.

  • Don't use names that seem to indicate the plugin is built by Katalon. Your plugin name should never start with a Katalon product name (Katalon Studio). Instead, use the following pattern: [Your plugin] for [Katalon Studio].

    Examples of approved names:

    Dynamic Filtering Test Suite for Katalon Studio

    Themes for Katalon Studio

    Examples of NOT approved names:

    Katalon Studio Bug Fixer

    Katalon Studio Themes

Katalon Store Plugin description and overview

This information will be public in Katalon Store once you submit.

Plugin summary

This summary will be displayed in a thumbnail of the plugin and below the plugin name.

  • Word limit: no more than 252 characters

  • This must be a brief summary of what your plugin does.

  • Example of approved description:

    "Supporting tag management, and execute test case that is filtered by tag name."

Product detailed description

  • This detailed description must be error-free and written in good English.
  • The length of the overview should contain at least 512 characters. There is no maximum length.

  • The text of your detail description should contain:

    • description of the plugin
    • information about the key features of the plugin
    • installation instructions (with screenshots)
    • describe the uniqueness/benefits of the plugin (if any)
    • relevant keywords
  • The description field supports Markdown.