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Katalon API Keys in Katalon Store

Use of Katalon API Keys in Katalon Store

During command-line execution, Application Programming Interface (API) Keys act as your credentials to download and install plugins in Katalon Studio before execution.

If API keys are not applied, Katalon Studio proceeds with test execution as you have not installed any plugins yet. Therefore, the API key is a must-have when you use a plugin during test execution in console mode.

Manage API Keys in Katalon Store

You can manage Katalon API Keys from Katalon Store. Do as follows:

  1. Navigate to Katalon Store My Account, then select the Security tab.

  2. Click on Manage your API Keys in Katalon TestOps.

    You are directed to the Katalon API Key section of Katalon TestOps, where you can generate, use, and remove API Keys.

    For more details on how you can manage API Key in Katalon TestOps, refer to this document: API Keys.