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Katalon Recorder overview

What is Katalon Recorder?

Katalon Recorder is a free, Selenium IDE alternative, lightweight web extension for automating actions and automated testing on the browser. Currently, Katalon Recorder is available on Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

Why use Katalon Recorder?

  • Katalon Recorder provides faster time-to-value than Selenium IDE. You can start automating instantly, without having to create a project, or specifying a URL. Overtime, this small difference compounds to be a huge time-saver.
  • Katalon Recorder runs directly on your current tab. This allows you to seamlessly combine manual and automated steps in your workflow. In comparison, Selenium IDE requires a brand new tab for every execution.
  • Katalon Recorder enables you to keep track of execution results. You can view your execution results and share them with other people through our free TestOps integration.TestOps Overview
  • Katalon Recorder has consistent development efforts, dedicated community and support. We have a team professionally motivated to improve the product, listen and help fix to your problems.

What do people use Katalon Recorder for?

Katalon Recorder allows you to:

  • Save time by automating the repetitive tasks on browsers, such as generating reports, filling forms, automating games, etc.
  • Ensure quality of your work by testing before handing your work over to the QA team.
  • Ensure end-to-end quality of your software by automated testing.
  • Monitor the functionality of web applications by synthetic testing.
  • Monitor testing activity with shareable reports with visual dashboards and charts.

Katalon Recorder documentation references

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Katalon Recorder FAQ

Does Katalon Recorder collect the data and send to external services?

Katalon Recorder does not collect information on end-users test artifacts. Katalon Recorder only saves the test artifacts on your local machine, and never sends it to our server.

Is Katalon Recorder maintained regularly?

At Katalon, we commit to maintain Katalon Recorder up to date and keep the tools free of charge.

Is Katalon Recorder available for commercial use?

Katalon Recorder is free for you to use on any project, whether it is a commercial project or not. However, it is prohibited for you to sell/redistribute/decode Katalon Recorder as your own or as part of your commercial project offering.

Learn more about Katalon Recorder for free in Katalon Academy: Katalon Recorder: Test Automation for Start-Ups & Small Teams.