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View execution reports in TestOps

You can integrate Katalon Recorder with Katalon TestOps to upload and view execution reports. Do as follows:

  1. Visit Katalon TestOps and log in using your Katalon account.
  2. Create a TestOps project. If this is the first time you log in to TestOps, you need to create a new organization. See Create Organization and Project.
  3. Execute tests in Katalon Recorder. You might need to close and open Katalon Recorder again for the integration to be fully enabled.
  4. Upload test executions to TestOps.
    1. In the ACTION section, click on Upload report.
      The Katalon TestOps dialog appears.
    2. Choose a TestOps project if you have multiple TestOps projects.
    3. Click Upload.

Once the results are uploaded, a new TestOps tab opens where you can see the results. Learn more about TestOps Reports Dashboard at TestOps Dashboard Overview.