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Export Katalon Recorder scripts to other frameworks

Note: You may experience compatibility issues and limitations when you use the Katalon Recorder plugin to export test cases as scripts. See the following topic for more information: Release notes.
Katalon Recorder allows you to export test cases as scripts in the following languages and formats:
  • Katalon Studio

  • Python (AppDynamics)

  • Robot Framework

  • XML

  • JSON (Dynatrace Synthetics)

  • Node (New Relic Synthetics)

  • Protractor (Typescript)

  • Sample for new formatters

  • Puppeteer

  • Puppeteer w Comments

  • JSON Puppeteer
  • Java JUnit

  • Java TestNG

  • Python unittest

  • C# MSTest

  • Java WRC + JUnit

  • Ruby Rspec

  • JavaScript

  • JavaScript Puppeteer

How to export Katalon Recorder scripts to other frameworks

Perform the following steps to export a test case as a script from Katalon Recorder:
  1. Select your test case.

    In Katalon Recorder, choose the test case you want to export as script, then select the Export action.

  2. Choose a format and export, then select the format from the dropdown list. You can add your own formatter.
    You can select the Selenium version and script type, and then input the path to WebDriver.
    export project
  3. After choosing your format, click Export to export your test case.