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Katalium Overview

  • This functionality is currently no longer actively developed.

Katalium is a framework that provides a blueprint for test automation projects based on TestNG and Selenium.

When it comes to Selenium-based testing, Katalon Studio is the software of choice for testers and automation engineers to date. It offers a host of built-in features that simplify building test cases for users. However, for users who still need to work with TestNG and Selenium, Katalium Framework is a great head start.

Tailored to be a lightweight and accessible platform for all users, Katalium retains the standard functions of TestNG and Selenium. By leveraging the common open-source frameworks functionalities, the learning curve and transition efforts are minimized, allowing users to execute their projects better and faster.

Download and install Katalium Framework in Visual Studio Marketplace.

For detailed instructions, you can refer to this document: Get Started with Katalium Framework in Visual Studio Code

Open-source Katalium is available at Katalium Framework.

The sample project is available at Katalium sample.