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Create a Test Suite in Katalium Framework

Test suites and their parameters are defined using TestNG syntax.

Here is a simple example (source code):

<?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE suite SYSTEM "" >

<suite name="Suite1" verbose="1">
<test name="simple" >
<parameter name="kataDisableScreenshot" value="false" />
<class name="com.katalon.kata.sample.testcase.simple.MakeAppointmentTest" />

<test name="parameterize" >
<parameter name="kataDisableScreenshot" value="true" />
<parameter name="facility" value="Hongkong CURA Healthcare Center" />
<parameter name="visitDate" value="27/12/2016" />
<parameter name="comment" value="Please make appointment as soon as possible." />
<class name="com.katalon.kata.sample.testcase.parameterize.ParameterizedMakeAppointmentTest" />

Test suites can be specified in command line, e.g. mvn clean test -Dsurefire.suiteXmlFiles=src/test/resources/testng-parallel.xml.