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Real-time Monitoring and Reporting in Katalium Framework

TestNG Reports

After execution, TestNG will generate a test-output folder at the root of the project.


For real-time monitoring and reporting using Katalon Analytics

Go to src > test >

Set default values for parameters in the file

For example, kataProjectId=2, the Project ID will be displayed as

See real-time monitoring progress of the test execution:

  • With Katalium extension in Visual Studio Code, this will be automatically setup.

  • With other IDEs, you need to set values for parameters in the files <user_home>/.katalon/ in Katalium Framework.

    KATALON_API_KEY: Enter the API Key. You can generate new API keys at Go to Profile > Create API Key > Input key name > Click Create.

    KATALON_EMAIL: Enter your Katalon account. You can sign up for a free account at

    For example: