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Katalium Framework in Visual Studio Code


  • Visual Studio Code.
  • Java Development Kit 8.

Install Katalium Extension for Visual Studio Code

Install Katalium Extension here.


In Visual Studio Code, enter Katalon email and password to activate.

Create project

Click Create Project button to create a new project.

Note: Clean your Workspace folder before creating a new project.

Start Katalium Server

To start Katalium Server, click Start Server button.

Note: You can view server information in Output tab of Katalium. For example:

After starting server, open browser in http://localhost:4444/.

Run your first test in Visual Studio Code

Run your first test in CLI

To run the default test suite configured in pom.xml use mvn clean test. Test suites can also be specified using command arguments, e.g. mvn clean test -Dsurefire.suiteXmlFiles=src/test/resources/testng-parallel.xml.