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Back up data automatically with Katalon Recorder

Katalon Recorder data can be automatically backed up in Katalon TestOps with Internet-connected devices.


Make sure you have signed in to Katalon TestOps to enable automatic backups.

Once you see the below message, your Katalon Recorder data will be automatically backed up and retained in Katalon TestOps for 7 days.

Backup data to Katalon TestOps

  1. Log in to Katalon TestOps using your Katalon account.
  2. Go to Katalon Recorder.
  3. Click on the Backup data action.

View backup data in Katalon TestOps

To view backup data in Katalon TestOps, go to Profile > Katalon Recorder backup.

You can also download backup files from there, and open these backup files in Katalon Recorder.