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Execute test suite collections in Katalon Studio

This guide shows you how to configure, perform, and schedule your test suite collections in Katalon Studio.

You can execute a test suite collection in sequential or parallel mode. The behaviors of these two modes are described as follows.

Sequential mode

The sequential mode allows you to execute the test suites one after another.

Parallel mode

The parallel mode allows you to execute multiple test suites at the same time. With the parallel mode, you can set:
  • Max concurrent instances: The maximum number of test suites executing at the same time.

  • Delay between instances (in seconds): The delay time between each test suite execution from 0-999 seconds. (available from version 8.2.0).

This function reduces the risk of CPU spike issues when there are too many concurrent instances. When a test suite is ready to start, Katalon Studio prints the following message in the Event Log tab:
Test suite ${testSuiteID} is ready to start at ${currentTimeStamp}

Execute a test suite collection

To execute a test suite collection, follow these steps:
  1. In a test suite collection, click Execution Information.
  2. Select Sequential or Parallel mode.
    If you choose Parallel mode, you need to set the Max concurrent instances and the delay time between instances.
  3. For each test suite, click on Run with to select execution environments.

    If you choose TestCloud or Mobile, you need to click on Run Configuration for further set up.
  4. Choose a profile to run your test suite.
  5. In the Run column, you can select which test suites to be run in this execution.
  6. Once you are done, save your test suite collection and click Execute.

The Job Progress is triggered automatically to show the progress while your test suite collection is being executed.