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Windows Record Utility in Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio provides the Windows record utility that allows you to record and playback actions performed in a Windows desktop application. With this utility, you can quickly create a test case, and later manually enhance the test.

This article introduces you to the components of the Windows record utility in Katalon Studio.


  • Katalon Studio version 7.0 onwards.
  • WinAppDriver is running on the test machine. To learn how to set up and run WinAppDriver, see: Set up WinAppDriver.

The Windows record utility

To open the utility, from the main toolbar, click on Record Windows Action.

Spy Windows Objects icon

The Windows Action Recorder dialog is displayed as below:

Windows Action Recorder dialog


In the CONFIGURATIONS section, you can specify:

  • Configuration: the WinAppDriver URL and desired capabilities.

  • Application File: the absolute path to the Windows executable file (*.exe) of the testing machine. For Windows users, click on the Browse... button to locate the application file.

Recorded actions

After you interact with the application under test (AUT) using the built-in actions, the recorded actions are displayed in the Recorded Actions tab.

Recorded Actions tab

Captured objects

During a recording session, the captured Windows objects are displayed in the Captured Objects tab. You can view and edit the object name, locator and properties.

Captured Objects tab

You can modify the locator of an object in Object Properties and click Highlight to verify if the new locator correctly identifies the associated object.

Screen View

The Screen View shows the application screenshots taken when you press the Start button to record or the Refresh Screen button to recapture the application images. The size of a captured screenshot is the same as the displayed application window on the testing machine.

Screen view

Screen Objects

The Screen Objects section shows a tree of all Windows objects you can interact with. To update this tree view, you can press the Refresh Screen button.

The selected object is highlighted with a green border on the Screen View.

Object highlighted in the Screen View

Possible Actions

The Possible Actions provides the built-in Windows actions that you can use to interact with the AUT.

Possible actions

There are two types of Windows actions:

  • Object action: an action that you can perform on a specific Windows object. This type of action requires you to first select the target object on the Screen Objects, e.g., performing the Click action on a menu item.

  • Application action: an action for interacting with the application, e.g., the Close Application action.

Export Option

When you finish the recording session, there are three options to export the recorded actions to a test case:

  • Export to new test case (selected by default).
  • Append to test case.
  • Overwrite test case.

Export actions dialog