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Git integration in Katalon Studio

Git is a version control system that enables you to track changes, merge codes, and return to earlier code versions when needed. The branching feature from Git allows you to create multiple branches of one project. With Git integration, you can improve team speed and productivity. Your team can collaborate on the same project without affecting each other.

To learn more about the benefits of Git, refer to this Git document: About Git.

About Git integration

The Git integration supported in Katalon Studio is based on EGit. For detailed instruction, you can refer to the Eclipse Foundation document on EGit/User Guide. A typical workflow of Git integration with Katalon Studio is depicted in the following diagram:

Git integration workflow

With Git integration, you can use Git commands directly from Katalon Studio. Katalon Studio allows you to create and manage branches, view commit changes, pull request to sync the changes between the remote server and your local repository, and so on.

The integration also allows you to optimize your software testing life cycle without leaving Katalon Studio. You can keep track of different versions of your Katalon project, while also maintaining a backup version of the source code. Your team collaboration is better: your team can work in parallel on their own branches, then share, test, and merge the changes upon completion.

You can integrate Katalon Studio with Git and its cloud-hosted services, including:

  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • BitBucket
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps

To configure Git integration in Katalon Studio, see: Git integration in Katalon Studio.