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Override test results status in Katalon TestOps

Automated tests produce test results automatically. This means that test results are fixed unless you manually update the status of a test result to reflect actual expectations.

In Katalon TestOps, you can edit the status of a test result and provide a reason for the change to notify your team of the change.

This feature also allows you to:

  • keep a clear record of why a test result has been changed, who changed it, and the reason for the change.

  • find out whether the status of a test result has been manually modified and what was its initial status.

  • see the whole history of status changes.

Change the status of a Test Result

  • Changing the status of a Test Result affects the status of a Test Run and its Test Suite. You should override Test Results statuses with caution. See TestOps Formulas for definitions of Status (Test Run) and Status (Test Suite).

Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Katalon TestOps and go to your Project.

  2. Go to Reports > Test Runs.

  3. Click on a Test Run ID, then select the Test Results tab.

    You can see the list of all test results and their details (Status, ID, Name, Time, Assertions, Links) here.

  4. Click on the Extension icon of the Test Result you want to change.

    test result extension icon

  5. Click Mark as Passed (for a failed/incomplete/error Test Result) or Mark as Failed (for a passed Test Result). See TestOps Formulas for definitions of Status (Test Result).

    A box pops up asking you to choose a reason for the status change.

    change status popup

  6. Select an option, then submit the new status for this Test Result.

View status change details of a Test Result

You can see the detailed information and description of a status change once the status has been modified.

Select the Test Results tab, click on a Test Result ID, then select the Comments tab.

test result comments tab

You can then check the following information:

  • the name of the member who changed the status of a Test Result.
  • the history of that Test Result's status changes.
  • the reason for each status change.

View the summary of a Test Result's status change

No matter how many times a test result has been modified, you can always view the full history of changes.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select the Test Results tab.

  2. Mouse over the Information icon next to the Test Result status, then click View changes log.

    view changes log

Now you can view the following information:

  • the original status of a Test Result.
  • the latest status of that Test Result.
  • further detailed changes of that Test Result.