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Introduction to organizing tests

Effective organization of test cases is a critical component of daily testing operations. Because a project may comprise of hundreds or even thousands of test cases, it is essential to structure them in a manner that facilitates swift identification and easy access to pertinent tests.

Start by setting up your test scripts in Katalon TestOps by configuring your Git repository or by uploading a script repository.

Alternatively, you could also manually upload a script. See: Upload a Script Repository to TestOps.

Once your test scripts are uploaded, you can organize your test cases by adding them to a test suite. See: Add test cases to a test suite.

You can re-organize your added test suites any time. See: Manage test suites in Katalon TestOps.

Katalon also supports third-party integrations for test organization, such as:

For a full list of supported integrations, view: Integrations in Katalon Platform .