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Cancel scheduled test runs in TestOps

On Katalon TestOps, you can schedule test runs to be executed repeatedly. However, sometimes your testing plans change, and you might no longer need these test runs to be executed as scheduled. This section guides you to cancel scheduled test runs that are no longer required in your testing plan.
  1. Login to Katalon TestOps and go to your project. Go to Reports and select Test Runs > Test Runs.test runs
  2. Scroll down to the All Test Runs section, and select the scheduled test run that you wish to cancel by clicking on the ID of that test run. select test run ID
    The test run summary page appears as below:Test run result detail
  3. Open the configuration of the selected test run by clicking on the Configurations icon.
    Select test run configuration
  4. Click on configurations edit
    The Scheduled Test Run dialog appears.
  5. In the Where to run section, toggle off the Repeat option and select Save Configurations instead of Schedule Automated Test.
    cancel test run
  6. Click Save.
The scheduled test run is removed from your Test Run Calendar.