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View execution history

The History page provides you with the list of all test runs triggered from TestOps. This interface helps you track the running sessions and quickly search your test runs by their properties.

To view execution history, open your project in TestOps and go to Execution > History.

TestOps execution history page
The search and filter utility allows you to search for the test runs by their names, and filter by the following properties:
  • Time frame
  • Status
  • Executor (the team member that triggered the execution)

View a test run summary

Select a test run to open the summary panel with further information about failed test results by each test case and the running sessions categorized by status.

Execution history test run summary

Re-run, terminate, or delete test runs

Once a test run is completed, you can click the three-dot icon and choose to re-run or delete that test run.

To terminate specific test runs, you can select individual test runs or select all, then click Terminate. You can also terminate a test run by clicking on the stop button.