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Set up Docker test environments for TestOps

Similar to Create a Local Test Environment with an Agent, you can create a Docker test environment with a compatible Agent in Katalon TestOps.

Set up an Agent


  • You have a verified Katalon account.

  • You have installed Git SCM.

Set up a Docker Agent

To set up a Docker Agent, follow these steps:
  1. Sign in to Katalon TestOps and go to your project. Then navigate to TestOps Settings > Organization Setup.
    Organization setup within the TestOps settings menu.
    This shows the Test Environments page. It also lists the agents you have. Current Agents in Katalon TestOps.
  2. Click on Create Local Test Environment.
    • Alternatively you can click on Agent Setup to go to the same page.
    This shows the Agent Setup page. The Agent setup page in Katalon TestOps.
  3. Select the Docker Environment tab.
    The Docker Environment tab within Agent Setup in Katalon TestOps.
  4. In the Agent Name section, create a name for the Agent (e.g., my_docker_agent).
  5. In the Katalon API Key section, select default or create your own.
  6. In the Select method section, select the Docker Container to start with.
  7. Copy & paste the configuration labeled docker-compose.yml to your docker file.
  8. Use the next command labeled ​Bash​ to start the agent.​
  9. After the agent successfully starts, assign your agent to a project. To learn how, see: Manage the Agent status.

Once the Docker container is live, you can check for the Agent status from the Test Environments page.

The Docker Agent running.

The Test Environments page in Katalon TestOps.