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Combine Katalon Studio with SAP Scripting Tracker for Windows

Scripting Tracker is a utility and a replacement to the SAP GUI Scripting Development Tools. It is an SAP GUI analyzer and recorder on the SAP GUI Scripting base. You can learn more about SAP Scripting Tracker in the SAP blog post here: Scripting Tracker – Development Tool for SAP GUI Scripting.

This tutorial demonstrates how to combine Katalon Studio with SAP Scripting Tracker for Windows.


  • Katalon Studio version 7.0.0 onwards.
  • WinAppDriver version 1.1.0 onwards. To learn more about setting up WinAppDriver, you can refer to this document: Set up WinAppDriver.
  • SAP Scripting Tracker version 3.15 onwards. You can download the SAP Scripting Tracker from the Scripting Tracker website: Scripting Tracker.

Enable SAP GUI Scripting in SAP

To enable SAP scripting mode, you can refer to the SAP document here: Enabling Scripting on the Server Side.

Implement the Java code recording for SAP Scripting Tracker

Katalon can only read Java language generated from SAP Scripting Tracker. To use SAP GUI Scripting in the context of Java you need the Java COM Bridge (JACOB). You can download and install Java COM Bridge (JACOB) from the GitHub repository: Java COM Bridge (JACOB).

Build your test case in Katalon Studio

Download our sample Katalon SAP GUI project

This sample project provides you with code samples, custom keywords, and sample test cases that give you the necessary preparations to automate your test script with SAP Scripting Tracker.

You can clone or download the sample project here at our GitHub repository: Katalon SAP GUI sample project.

Add your login account to a test case in Katalon Studio

  1. After downloading our sample project, from the Test Explorer panel, open Profiles > default.
  2. Double-click the Value cell of the username and password variables.

    Open the default file

  3. In the opened Edit variables dialog, change the sample value to your SAP account.

    Fill in your username

    Fill in your password

Create a new test case in Katalon Studio based on the sample project

  1. Create a new test case. Go to File > New > Test Case.

  2. From the Test Explorer panel of our sample project, go to Test Cases > Common folder. There are 3 sample test cases as follows:

    StartSAPLogonThis sample test case starts SAP Logon, then goes to the sign-in section.
    LoginThis sample test case starts an SAP session then uses the username and password variables to login
    TestCaseTemplateThis sample test case calls the StartSAPLogon and Login test cases, then enables Katalon to read the SAP Scripting Tracker script.

    3 sample test cases

  3. Open the Script tab of the TestCaseTemplate test case, copy the content and paste it into the Script tab of the new test case created from step 1.

    Copy the test script in the TestCaseTemplate sample test

    Paste the test script into the new test case

Record test script using SAP Scripting Tracker

  1. Start SAP Logon and sign in SAP GUI with your SAP account.

    Start SAPLogon

  2. After signing in, open SAP Scripting Tracker. Click Refresh, then select the current SAP session.

    Select the SAP session

  3. Choose Java language, then click Record to start recording your SAP GUI script.

    Choose Java

    Here, we record the following scenario:

    • In the opened SAP GUI session, go to SAP Menu > Human Resources. Double-click on PPMDT - Manager's Desktop. The Manager's Desktop interface opens.
    • Double-click on Personal Data to open the folder.
    • Navigate to Reports > Employee data, then click Maternity.

    We stop recording here.

    Recording from Scripting Tracker

  4. After finishing your recording, copy and paste the content from Scripting Tracker into your Katalon test script.

    Copy the script from Scripting Tracker

    Paste the script into the Katalon test script

    Results after pasting the script into the Katalon test script

Run the test script in Katalon Studio

  • Make sure you have WinAppDriver.exe running from the installation directory. By default, you can find it at C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Application Driver\WinAppDriver.exe.

To run the recorded test script, on the main toolbar, select Windows in the dropdown list next to Run.

Run the test

Katalon Studio automatically signs in SAP GUI with your SAP account and playback the recorded steps from Scripting Tracker.