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Generate test steps in Katalon Studio manual view

The tutorial below gives you step-by-step instructions to create test steps in Katalon Studio manual view.

  1. In the Manual tab of the Test Case Editor, click Add. A new line representing a test step is generated.
  2. In the newly created test step, type a keyword, or click on the dropdown button to select a keyword. Add an ObjectInputOutput, and Description for that test step, if any.
    Create a new step in test case
    • To learn more about a keyword in Katalon Studio, hover over each keyword to see its description. You can also use the search bar on our Katalon Studio documentation page to find the detailed information and usage example of each keyword.

    You can also add a Statement or Call Test Case as a test step. To learn how Statement and Call Test Case works, see Statement and Call Test Case.
  3. Continue adding your test steps. You can also Move upMove down, or Delete a test step.
  4. To execute a test case, from the main toolbar, click Run.

Recent keywords

Recent keywords allow users to quickly add any of the last 10 recently used keywords in the Item list. To reuse recent keywords, in the test case editor, click on Recent keywords.

Recent objects and object folders

Katalon Studio allows you to quickly select recently used objects or jump directly to the recently used Object Folder in the object repository.
In the Object column, double-click on any Test Object to open the Test Object Output dialog. Here, you can see the Recent Object button on the top right corner.
Recent object

The recent list will have two sections: Object Folder and Test Object.

  • Test Object: Displays the names of the last 5 selected objects.
  • Object Folder: Displays the names of 5 folders that contains any recently used objects.

Usage example: Create a sample test case in manual view

In our example, we use a sample test case with the steps as below:

  • Open the browser.
  • Navigate to a website.
  • Click on a specific control.
  • Validate if a control exists on the page.
  • Close the browser.
  1. Open the browser: Select the Open Browser keyword. This keyword opens a browser and navigates to the specified URL if provided.
    • You can view the description of a keyword by hover your mouse over that keyword.

    Open browser keyword

  2. Navigate to a website: Add the Navigate To Url keyword. This keyword will navigate to a specified URL. Double click on the Input cell to provide additional data (parameters) for the keyword.
    Navigate to url

    The Input dialog displays.

    Input dialog

    For now, enter the URL of Katalon demo AUT: into the Value column, then click OK.
    NoThe number of parameter for the selected keyword.
    Param NameThe name of the parameter.
    Param TypeThe required data type for the parameter.
    Value TypeThe type of your input value (e.g. strings, variables, data sources...)

    The input value for this parameter.

    The input value can be varied based on Value Type. Refer to Value Types in Katalon for more details.

  3. Click on a specific control: Add the Click keyword. This keyword represents the click action on a given object. Double click on the Object cell and provide the object for the keyword.
    Add click keyword manually
  4. Validate if a control exists on the page: All captured objects in Object Repository are displayed in the Test Object Input dialog. Select your object then click OK. To learn how to capture objects, see Spy Object.
    Test object input dialog
    Add the Verify Element Present keyword. This keyword validates if a certain object is displayed on the executing browser. Similar to the previous step, you need to specify the object to be used with this keyword.Verify element present manually
  5. Close the browser: Add the Close Browser keyword and save your test case.
    Close the browser manually
You have successfully created a test case in Katalon Studio manual view.