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[Mobile] Execute Mobile Command

  • Starting from version 7.2., this keyword is available for Mobile testing on Katalon Studio.


  • Description: Execute a native mobile command.
  • Keyword syntax: Mobile.executeMobileCommand(command, args, flowControl)
  • Parameters:
    • Name: command
    • Description: Mobile command name.
    • Parameter Type: String
    • Mandatory: Required
    • Name: args
    • Description: The provided arguments for which the command is required.
    • Parameter Type: Map
    • Mandatory: Required
    • Name: flowControl
    • Description: Used to control the step if the step failed.
    • Parameter Type: FailureHandling
    • Mandatory: optional
  • Returns: the command's result with the Object type.
  • Throw: StepFailedException if Katalon Studio could not find the specified element.
  • Example:

    import as ImmutableMap;

    Mobile.startApplication('C:\\Users\\katalon\\Sample Apps\\APIDemos.apk',

    String command = "mobile:changePermissions"
    Map args = ImmutableMap.of(
    "action", "grant",
    "permissions", "android.permission.READ_CONTACTS")
    Object result = Mobile.executeMobileCommand(command, args)

    print result