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[Mobile] Find Image Elements

  • This keyword, available in version 7.2.0+, is for Katalon Studio Enterprise users only.


  • Description: Find all mobile elements that are recognized by the given image.
  • Keyword syntax: findImageElements(imageFilePath,flowControl)
  • Parameters:

    • Name: imageFilePath
    • Description: Absolute path of the image
    • Parameter Type: String
    • Mandatory: Required

    • Name: flowControl

    • Description: Control the execution flow if the step fails
    • Parameter Type: FailureHandling
    • Mandatory: Optional
  • Return: A list of WebElements that are recognized by the given image.

  • Example:

    List<WebElement> elements = Mobile.findImageElements("/Users/myaccount/Desktop/image.png")
    println "Number of elements found: " + elements.size()