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[Mobile] Long Press

  • Starting from version 7.2.0, this keyword is available for Mobile testing on Katalon Studio.


  • Description: Perform a long press action on a mobile element.
  • Method: longPress
  • Keyword syntax: Mobile.longPress(testObject, timeout, flowControl)
  • Parameters:
    • Name: testObject
    • Description: Represent a mobile element.
    • Parameter Type: TestObject
    • Mandatory: Required
    • Name: timeout
    • Description: System will wait at most timeout (seconds) to return a result.
    • Parameter Type: int
    • Mandatory: Required
    • Name: flowControl
    • Description: Used to control the step if the step failed.
    • Parameter Type: FailureHandling
    • Mandatory: Optional
  • Returns: void.
  • Throw: StepFailedException if Katalon Studio could not find the specified element.
  • Example:

    Mobile.longPress(findTestObject('android.widget.Button0 - NEXT'), 0)