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View Katalon TestOps execution summary in Katalon Studio

Once executed in Katalon Studio, you can view the test suite execution summary and quickly navigate to test runs reports in Katalon TestOps.

  • Katalon Studio version 7.6.2 onwards.
  • You have executed at least one test suite in Katalon Studio.
  1. Open Katalon Studio.
  2. On the Tests Explorer sidebar, go to TestOps > Test Runs.
    You can view a summary of your test executions here.
    View TestOps execution summary in Studio
  3. Optional: You can click on the Reload icon (next to View all executions in the top right corner) to view the latest updates.
  4. To quickly open a test run result in Katalon TestOps, click a test run ID.
    You are navigated to the corresponding Test Run: #<ID> page.

    View corresponding test runs page