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View test suite analytics in Katalon Studio

This document describes the Analytics components in Katalon Studio.

After executing a test suite, you can find the execution data in two places:

In Main tab

In the Main tab, you can find three analytics columns: Flakiness (%), Latest Run, and Avg. Duration (Average Duration). These columns provide insights into the trends and performance of each test case.

Flakiness (%)The percentage calculated based on the number of failed/passed statuses of the first 30 test cases
Latest RunThe execution statuses of three latest test runs
Avg. DurationThe average time (in seconds) taken for the test case to complete its execution

In Analytics tab

  • Only applicable for test suite.

The Analytics tab provides you with insights fetched from Katalon Platform, where you can gain insights into the overall performance of the test suite.

Avg. Duration of Last 3 RunsDisplays the average time it takes to complete the test suite execution based on the last 3 runs
Last 3 runsDisplays an overview of testing configuration used in the last 3 test suite executions and their statuses: Passed, Failed, Error, Incomplete, and Skipped

To access more detailed and advanced test reports, you can click on Analyze on Platform to open TestOps dashboard. To learn more about the reports on TestOps dashboard, see TestOps dashboard overview.