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TestOps dashboard overview

The TestOps dashboard module provides you with an overview of recent test activities, upcoming releases, productivity, quality of test cases, platform coverage, requirement coverage, and local test environments.

This module provides real-time data on your testing activities, gathered in seven reports. The module helps drive insights and assist you in decision-making.

The seven reports include:

  • Test Activities: all testing activities categorized into a daily/weekly/monthly report. See: Test Activities reports.

  • Release Readiness: how ready your release is. See: Release Readiness reports.

  • Productivity: tracks productivity metrics such as the number of test cases created over time. See: Productivity reports.

  • Quality: the test quality based on Flakiness Test Distribution (the distribution of test cases by their flakiness probability). See: Quality reports.

  • Platform Coverage: the coverage of test runs or test results executed in corresponding environments/platforms. You need to subscribe to the Ultimate plan to use this feature. See: Platform Coverage reports.

  • Requirement Coverage: the scope of test cases and test runs based on related requirements (Jira and BDD). See: Requirement Coverage reports.

  • Local Test Environment: the number of active and inactive local test environments. See: Local Test Environment reports.

TestOps dashboard overview

  • If you don’t see the relevant data reflected on the Dashboard page, click Refresh to get the latest data updated on the page.