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Productivity reports


The Productivity report allows you to monitor the total number of test cases you have created in your project within a specified period. It can group the total number of completed tests into a daily/weekly/monthly report.

View productivity reports

  • The default period is the last 6 months (compared to the current date).


As the name suggests, the Productivity report emphasizes the productivity level based on the number of test cases created over a period of time.

The more tests are created and run, the more impact it has on the performance. For example, with the default 6-month period, the dashboard helps you compare the number of test cases between the current month and other months. Whether there are more or fewer test cases created within this period, you can check if your team has increased or decreased testing activities every month. This report, combined with other analytics (on quality, platform coverage, requirement coverage and so on), could provide a complete account of your team's performance.