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Failed Test Results

When a test failure occurs, it is associated with a failure reason. To help you monitor the quality of a Project via test failures, TestOps comes with a Failed Test Results chart that organizes test failures by reason type.
  • Failed Test Results is limited to the Premium and Ultimate plans of Katalon Platform. See Version 8.0.0 - 8.0.1 for more information.

View failed test results

To view the Failed Test Results module:
  1. Log in to TestOps.
  2. Go to Reports > Test Runs > Failed Test Results.
  3. The Failed Test Results chart is displayed:
    Failed test results page.
    You can modify the Failed Test Results chart by using the following data filters in the drop-down:
    • All Results: Shows statistics of all failed test results.

    • Latest Results: Only shows statistics of the latest test result (if the latest one failed).

    You can also filter test results based on date, test suite, profile, custom fields, or tags.
    For the failure reasons' explanations and examples, refer to the table below:
    Failure reasonsExamples
    Automation Bug
    • Test script cannot be compiled (syntax errors) or executed with runtime errors.
    • Test script cannot locate web elements.

    • Insufficient wait time for test objects to load.

    Application Bug
    • Application logic has changed.

    • Unexpected behaviours of web elements.

    • Web elements no longer exist.

    • Use of new / unresolved libraries.

    Network Issues/ Third Parties Issues
    • Network connection is down.
    • Authentication issues.

    Uncategorized For other unspecified failure reasons.
  4. Scroll down and navigate to the All Exceptions section to view all exceptions from failed test results. iew all exceptions from failed test results.
    • This list is not affected by the All Results and Latest Result filters.

  5. Along your selected exception class item, navigate and click on the test results link under the Number of Test Results column to view the list of all test failures featuring the exception class item.Click to view the list of all test failures featuring the exception class item.
    This opens a pop up menu at the right side of the screen. Click View Errors to see the error log of a selected test failure as shown below.

    Click View Errors to see the error log of a selected failed test result.Clicking on the test result's ID will bring you to its Results page. Learn more about the results page here: View test run result details.

You have successfully navigated through the Failed Test Results list.