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View captured screenshots in Katalon Studio reports

With Katalon Studio, you can capture screenshots during test execution.

Capturing screenshots helps you identify the problem when a test fails. By doing so, you can debug the test script more effectively and quickly.

By default, Katalon Studio captures screenshots automatically upon test failures. This feature is currently applicable to Web UI and Mobile testing.

View screenshots

When a test suite fails, you can either open a test suite's report or go to a test suite's Result tab for captured screenshots.

To view the captured screenshots in a test suite's Results tab, follow these steps:

  1. Select the failed Test Suite.
  2. Open its Result tab.
  3. Select a failed test case.
  4. Click Show Test Case Details on the top right corner.

    The Test Case's Log then appears.

  5. Click on the Image tab.

    log image

To view the captured screenshots in a test suite's report, click Export report and select the file type (HTML, CSV or PDF), then open the exported file for viewing.

export report pdf

You can also use the captured screenshots (screenshots taken as checkpoints) for visual testing with TestOps Visual Testing. See: Visual Testing.

Deactivate screenshots

To turn off the default settings, do as follows:

  • For version 7.8 onwards:

    Go to Project > Settings > Execution. In the displayed During-Execution Options panel, uncheck Take Screenshot when execution failed, and click Apply and Close.

  • For versions before 7.8:

    Go to Project > Settings > Report. In the displayed Report view, uncheck Take Screenshot when execution failed, and click OK.

Configure screenshots manually

If you wish to manually set the conditions for capturing screenshots during tests, you can use the following built-in keywords for Web UI and Mobile testing:

Configure screenshots in Manual mode in Katalon Studio

If you are not familiar with coding in Script mode, you can also insert built-in keywords in Manual mode.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Katalon Studio and go to your Project.
  2. Select a Test Case in Manual mode.

    The Test Case shows all Test steps.

    Double click on a Test step and choose options (as shown in the picture below).

    add test step

    You have added a new Test step in Manual mode.

  3. Double click on the new Test step, and enter the keyword.

    A list of built-in keywords for capturing screenshots displays as below.

    screenshot keywords list

  4. Select a built-in keyword (e.g., Take Full Page Screenshot As Checkpoint).

    You have inserted the built-in keyword.

    no input value

  5. Double click on the Input section of the newly-added keyword to insert a value.

    The Input box appears as below.

    input box

  6. Insert a value for the keyword (e.g., Sample Visual Test), then click OK.