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Upload test reports from Jest to Katalon TestOps

You can submit test results from the Jest framework to Katalon TestOps.

You can download this sample project: Katalon TestOps JavaScript Reporters.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open your Jest file in a source-code editor, such as Visual Studio Code.

    open jest in vsc

  2. Open the package.json file.

    open json file

  3. Type the npm install command, then press Enter and wait for it to run.

    run command

    While waiting, go to the Katalon TestOps website.

  4. Sign in to Katalon TestOps and go to your Project.

  5. Go to Configurations > Integrations.

    The Integrations page appears.

  6. Select Jest in the dropdown list.

    The Jest page appears as below.

    jest page 1

    jest page 2

  7. Copy the command line in the Install dependency section and paste it in the package.json file, then press Enter to run.

    install dependency command

  8. Create two new files: testops-config.json and jest.config.js in your source-code editor.

    create json file

  9. Copy the content in the Configure TestOps plugin section in Katalon TestOps and paste it in the newly-created testops-config.json file. Save this file.

    configure testops in vsc

  10. Copy the command in the Add Report section in Katalon TestOps and paste it in the jest.config.js file. Save this file.

    jest config

  11. Type the npx jest command and press Enter to run.

    run jest

    You have uploaded tests to Katalon TestOps via Jest.

  12. Go to Test Execution > Test Run Calendar.

    Your uploaded Test Runs now display here.