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Use TestCloud in Katalon Runtime Engine

This guide shows you how to use TestCloud in Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE).


  • Katalon Runtime Engine version 8.2.5 onwards.
  • An active TestCloud subscription or trial. See TestCloud Trial.

For versions before 8.6.5, you need to have a Katalon Runtime Engine license. From version 8.6.5 onwards, only TestCloud subscription is required; you can execute tests on TestCloud without a KRE license.

Run tests with TestCloud in Katalon Runtime Engine

TestCloud is accessible from KRE. To trigger test execution with TestCloud environments from KRE, you need to specify the following arguments.

Command-line argument Description Data type Mandatory

The browser type used for test suite execution. The "TestCloud" value means you are using TestCloud environments.

String Required (for single test suite execution)

The ID of the environment which corresponds to a combination of OS, browser type and browser version to execute. This ID can be generated with Command Builder.

StringRequired (for single test suite execution)
-testcloudTunnel Allow the execution to be performed via TestCloud Tunnel. Boolean Optional

For more TestCloud arguments in KRE, see: TestCloud integration arguments.

To accurately generate KRE commands with environment ID, you can use Command Builder in Katalon Studio. See: Command Builder.