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Manually push Katalon test result to Xray

  • You must be the Organization Owner or Admin.
  • You have linked your Jira test cases to the Jira test plan.
  • You have linked a Katalon test run to an Xray test plan.

If you have chosen the Manual push only mechanism to upload Katalon test result to Jira/Xray, Katalon will not automatically upload all test results to Jira/Xray. Instead, you can decide which test run results to upload to Jira/Xray.

For a demonstration, refer to this video: Pushing results to Xray.

Additionally, you can use the Report Uploader with the parameter --push-to-xray=true: Use Katalon Report Uploader.

Here's a step-by-step on how to push test results to Xray in TestOps:

  1. After your test run has finished. Navigate to the test run page: Reports > Test Runs > Test Runs.
    The TestOps Test Runs page appears as below. Test Ops Test Runs list
  2. Select a test run by clicking on its ID number.
    Test run ID number
  3. From the test run detail page, select Push to Xray.
    Push to Xray
    The Push to Xray dialog appears.
  4. Type in the Xray Test Plan and select one from the suggesting dropdown list.
    Push to Xray dialog
  5. Choose a release version for your test run if necessary: in the Release Version section, choose from the dropdown list a release version.Choose test run release version to push to Xray
  6. Click Submit to upload the test result to Xray.
    An Xray test execution issue is created on Jira bearing the Katalon test execution ID in its designated name. In the Xray test execution issue below, the name Test execution 27 indicates the TestOps test run ID was 27. Xray test execution issue
Download PDF or ZIP report files
  1. After pushing test runs to Xray under Xray Test Executions, their matching TestOps reports will be automatically attached in PDF and ZIP forms. The ZIP forms also contains the report's artifacts. These can be found under the ticket description.
    The PDF and ZIP reports in Jira/Xray.
  2. Click on the links or attachments to download.