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Configure Key Bindings in Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio provides different key binding schemes that contain predefined keyboard shortcuts. You can select a scheme and customize the shortcuts to optimize your workflow.

This guide shows you how to configure a key binding scheme and export the scheme into an external file in Katalon Studio.

Configure a Key Binding Scheme in Katalon Studio

To configure a key binding scheme, follow these steps:

  1. Open Katalon Studio. From the main menu, go to Katalon Studio Preferences > General > Keys.

    The Keys dialog displays details about commands and the associated keyboard shortcuts of a scheme as below.


  2. To select a key binding scheme, click on the Scheme dropdown button and select a scheme.

    select scheme

    Katalon Studio supports the following schemes:

    Key binding Scheme Description
    DefaultThe default key binding scheme of Katalon Studio.
    EmacsA key binding scheme that includes Emacs editor's keyboard shortcuts.
  3. To edit the key binding of a command, select the command, then specify the details in the section below.

    configure key binding

    Section Description
    Description The description about the command.
    Binding The key binding (keyboard shortcut) for the command.
    When The context when the command can be executed.
    Conflicts Commands that have the same combination of key binding and context.
    • To avoid conflicts with keyboard shortcuts, verify that the configured command's combination of key binding and context is unique.
  4. Click on the Apply button to save and apply the configuration.

Export the Key Binding Scheme

Katalon Studio supports exporting a key binding scheme into a CSV file for better viewing.

To export a scheme, in the Keys dialog, click on the Export CSV button.

export CSV

The selected key binding scheme is then exported into a CSV file.