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Defects Report overview

A software defect is any deviation from the intended behavior or functionality of a program. Also known as a bug or a fault, identifying and resolving defects promptly is crucial for ensuring software quality and preventing downstream issues.

The Defects Report feature streamlines this process by providing defect traceability as well as actionable insights. Additionally, comprehensive metrics for collaboration such as a defects' assignee, status, priority, and other metadata are also available at a glance.

This makes it easy to manage software defects, which in turn promotes clearer verification and quicker development cycles.

How to use Defects Report

  1. Test runs that have been marked as failed is called a defect. To keep track of them easily, link or create Jira defects with the failed test result.
  2. Linked Jira defects will be fetched to Defects Report. To view Defects Report, navigate to Reports > Defects. Defects report
  3. The trend graph shows users a snapshot of the defects' current situation; it depicts the number of resolved defects (green line) and the total number of defects (red line).Defects report trendline
    In this example, there are 3 total defects within the chosen time frame. This is represented by the red line. 2 of the defects have been resolved, as represented by the green line, and 1 remains open.
  4. By filtering defects based on Created time range, Status, Priority, Release/Build, and Assignee, you can view trend graphs from multiple perspectives. This helps you gain insights into trends by being able to analyze defect data easily. Defect reports filter
  5. In the section below the graph that lists all defects, select a a defect by clicking anywhere on its row. This opens a drawer menu that lists the details of the defect.
    List of defects in the Defects page.
    As shown in the image of the drawer menu below, the Overview tab contains information on:
    • Issue ID

    • Issue name

    • Creation date

    • The defect's working status

    • Priority level

    • Related test cases

    • Requirements

    Defects report drawer showing the Overview tab.

    The Automation Rule tab contains information on all related defects report automations made. Learn more about that here: Defects Report automations.

    • You can hover over any linked defect to preview its contents.

  6. To ensure your data is up to date, click on the Refresh button at the top right corner.
    Refresh button for defect reports.