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Link test runs to Jira defects in Katalon TestOps

After executing a test run in Katalon TestOps, you can link test results to an issue in Jira directly by using Report Defect.


To link a failed test result to a Jira issue, follow these steps:
  1. From your project, go to Reports > Test Runs.
  2. Select a failed test run by clicking on its ID, then click on the Test Results tab.Test run ID in Katalon TestOps' reports page.

    The Test Results page appears as below.

    The Test Results page in Katalon TestOps.

  3. Navigate to and click on the Report Defect button at the rightmost column. It has the bug icon.
    1. Alternatively, you can report a defect by going to a specific test result's detail page.To do so, From the Test Results page, navigate to the Failed Test Results section.
    2. Click on the ID of the test result you want to connect to a Jira issue. This brings you to its detail page.
    3. Click on Report Defect at the upper right corner.
      Click on the Report Defect Button at the test result's page.
    A pop-up message box appears. It has your current Jira project selected and is set to Link existing issue by default.

    The Report Defect pop up in Katalon TestOps.

  4. Choose from the suggested defects list, which presents three options of recently linked defects with similar failures as the current test result.
    Suggested defects within the Report Defect dialog box.
    Alternatively, you could also search for the Jira issue you want to connect the report to from the dropdown menu. Then click Link Defect.
    Other linked defects shown in the dropdown within the Report Defect dialog box.
You have successfully linked a defect test result to a Jira issue. A notification will pop up at the upper right corner confirming this.

You have connected a defect report to Jira.

Your issue also shows under the Defects column when viewing the test run's summary.

The Defects column shows your linked Jira issues.

You can automatically be notified in Slack when this action is performed by setting up an integration. See: Defects Report Slack notifications.

Quick tips

We recommend you install the Katalon Integration Plugin in your Chrome browser. This plugin allows you to navigate directly to Jira to create a new Jira issue. It then automatically links the same Jira issue back to the Test Result you have selected. To install it, follow these steps:

  1. Install this extension from the Chrome web store (Katalon Integration) by clicking on Add to Chrome.
    The Katalon integration in the chrome store
  2. A dialog box asks you to confirm the installation. Click on Add extension.
    Dialog box asks you to confirm the addition of the extension.
  3. A pop up notification tells you that the Katalon Integration has been added to Chrome.
    Katalon integration has been added to chrome.
  4. You can manage your extension by clicking on the Extensions icon beside the search bar or by accessing it via Chrome's settings menu.Manage your extensions in Google Chrome.
  5. After installation, go back and login to your TestOps account. Then, click on Reports > Test Runs > Test Runs.
  6. In the All Test Runs section, click on the ID of one of your test runs.
    1. This opens the Summary page. Scroll down to the Failed Test Results section and click on a test result ID. The test run ID in the All Test Runs section.
    2. This brings you to the Result page.
  7. Click on the Katalon Plugin button.
    The Katalon Plugin button in Katalon TestOps.
    1. This opens your connected Jira board. You can now work quickly between Jira and TestOps.
  8. Use the plugin icon to switch back to TestOps when needed.
    Katalon plugin button in Jira
The new Jira issue is automatically linked to the Test Result you have selected.

View linked test runs in Jira

To view linked test runs in Jira, do as follows:
  1. Go to the Jira issue you have linked the Test Results to.
  2. Click on the Linked Test Runs section to see all test results of the linked test runs.
    jira linked test runs section

View defects in Katalon TestOps

Select a test run by clicking on its ID, then select the Defects tab on the Test Run page.

Defects related to a test run.

You can view all Jira issues associated with the defects of a test run here.

To see all other defects, go directly to Reports > Defects.

The Defects page within Reports that shows all linked defects.