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View test results in the Jira Test Results gadget

You can see the latest results of Katalon test cases in the Jira Test Results gadget. To open the Katalon gadget, follow these steps:
  1. Open you Jira page, then click on the Dashboards tab.
  2. Open or create a dashboard if you haven't had one.
  3. In your dashboard, click Edit > Add gadget.
    The Add a gadget box displays as below.

  4. Find Katalon Test Results and click Add to add the gadget to your dashboard.
  5. Once added, the gadget prompts you to fill in the following information:
    • Jira Project: The Jira project that has enabled TestOps - Jira integration.

    • Katalon Project ID: The Katalon TestOps project ID of the integrated Katalon organization. To find a Katalon project ID, open your Katalon project in TestOps and view the ID at the end of the URL.

      For example, we have a project URL as follows: The project ID is 20.

  6. Click Save.
A table showing the status and duration of each test case appears as below.

View test results in Katalon Test Results gadget