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Set up Visual Testing

To set up Visual Testing, follows these steps:
  1. Enable screenshot capture in Katalon Studio. See Capture Screenshots.
  2. Run a test suite in Katalon Studio.
    • If you have enabled Katalon Studio Integration, Katalon Studio automatically uploads Test Results to Katalon TestOps.

  3. Sign in to Katalon TestOps and go to your project.
  4. Go to Reports > Visual Testing.
    The Visual Testing tab within the Reports section in Katalon TestOps.
  5. Click on the ID of a Visual Test Run.
    visual test run results page
    The Results page appears. You can see the screenshots (known as Visual Checkpoints) captured during a test execution.
  6. Select one of the screenshots to see the details.
    • If you run a Test Suite for the first time, there is no baseline image.

    • If you have existing visual data, it is stored in the System-generated baseline collection folder.

You have successfully set up Visual Testing in Katalon TestOps.