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Specify iteration names in data-driven testing reports

When a test case is executed with a test data row, it is counted as an iteration. This document shows you how to differentiate iterations in test reports.

  • Katalon Studio version 8.3.0 onwards.
  • This feature is available for data-driven tests with test suites. The changes only apply in the test suite HTML reports and the Test Case Table.
  • To learn more about data-driven tests, see Data-driven Testing with Katalon Studio.

When working with data-driven tests, you might want to quickly identify failed data inputs and parts of the application under test (AUT) that might have a problem.

From Katalon Studio version 8.3.0 onwards, you can add a specific variable from the data file at the end of each iteration name. With this input for iteration name or iteration names, you can differentiate between each iteration in your data-driven testing reports at a glance.

Set iteration names in data binding

To set iteration names using one of the variables in the test data, do as follows:

  1. Perform data-binding from internal data, Excel, CSV, or database data. To learn more about data binding, see Run Test Case with an external data source.
  2. In the Variable binding section, click on the Select toggle next to Set Test Name.

    set test name

  3. A list of variables appears. Choose an option to add to your iteration name.

    select variable name

  4. Save and run your test.

View data-driven testing reports

After you set iteration names in data binding, in the Test Case Table and the HTML report, you can see your iteration names are tagged with the chosen variable in the following formula: ”Test case name”/”Iteration name” (“Elapsed time“).