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[Windows] Get Attribute

  • From version 7.6.0, this keyword is available.


  • Description: Get the attribute value of a Windows element
  • Keyword name: getAttribute
  • Keyword syntax: Windows.getAttribute(windowsObject, attribute)
  • Parameters:

    • Name: windowsObject

      • Description: An object describing the locator and locator strategy to find a Windows element
      • Parameter Type**: WindowsTestObject
      • Mandatory: Required
    • Name: attribute

      • Description: Name of the attribute
      • Parameter Type: String
      • Mandatory: Required
  • Return value:

    • Description: Value of the attribute
    • Type: String
  • Example:

"Get attribute value of 'Name' of the edit panel"
def attributeValue = Windows.getAttribute(findWindowsObject("Object Repository/Edit"), 'Name')
assert attributeValue == 'Text Editor'