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[Windows] Click Element Offset


  • Katalon Studio version 7.8.0 onwards.
  • In Native Windows Recorder, enable coordinate-based recording in the window. click and rightClick actions are recorded as clickElementOffset and rightClickElementOffset actions respectively.
  • In Windows Recorder, Click Element Offset and Right-click Element Offset buttons are supported in Possible Actions.


  • Description: Performs a click action at the given offset of the Windows Element (relative to its top-left corner) that is found by using locator value of the given windowsObject.
  • Keyword name: clickElementOffset
  • Keyword syntax:
    Windows.clickElementOffset(windowsObject, offsetX, offsetY, FailureHandling)
  • Parameters:

    • Name: windowsObject
    • Description: An object describing the locator and locator strategy to find a Windows element.
    • Parameter Type: WindowsTestObject
    • Mandatory: Required
    • Name: offsetX
    • Description: The horizontal offset relative to the top-left corner of the element.
    • Parameter Type: Integer
    • Mandatory: Required
    • Name: offsetY
    • Description: The vertical offset relative to the top-left corner of the element.
    • Parameter Type: Integer
    • Mandatory: Required
    • Name: flowControl
    • Description: Used to control the step if the step failed.\ STOPONFAILURE: throws a StepFailedException if the step failed (default).\ CONTINUEONFAILURE: continue the test if the test failed but the test result is still failed.\ OPTIONAL: continue the test and ignore the test result.
    • Parameter Type: FailureHandling
    • Mandatory: optional
  • Example:

Windows.startApplicationWithTitle('katalon.exe', 'Katalon Studio')
'Wait for Katalon help tab to be present'
Windows.waitForElementPresent(findWindowsObject('TabItem'), 10)
'Click on X button using Click Element Offset, the coordinate is retrieved by cropping the tab and use to extract the coordinates.'
Windows.clickElementOffset(findWindowsObject('TabItem'), 107, 13)
'Katalon Help tab is closed successfully as a result of clicking on X button'
Windows.verifyElementNotPresent(findWindowsObject('Object Repository/TabItem'), 5)
'Click on OK to really close Katalon Studio''Close Katalon Button'))