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[Windows] Find Elements

  • Starting from version 7.0.0, Windows desktop application testing is available on Katalon Studio.


  • Description: Find elements by using the locator value of the given Windows object.
  • Keyword name: findElements
  • Keyword syntax: Windows.findElements(windowsObject)
  • Parameter: windowsObject
    • Description: An object describing the locator and locator strategy to find a Windows element.
    • Parameter Type: WindowsTestObject
    • Mandatory: Required
  • Returns: The found elements.
  • Example:
List<WebElement> foundElements = Windows.findElements(findWindowsObject('Object Repository/Notepad/Edit'))
println "Found " + foundElements.size() + " element(s)"
println "The First found element said: " + foundElements.get(0).getText()