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Link test execution with a TestOps release using command builder


You have already configured TestOps integration. Learn more.

Create a new Release in Katalon TestOps

You can create a new Release or use an existing Release. See: Create and edit releases in TestOps.

Select a TestOps Release to generate command

In Katalon Studio, open the Command Generator and select a Test Suite that you want to execute in CLI.

In the Katalon TestOps section, select the release you want to link your execution with after running the test suite.


  • If you have not created any Releases in TestOps, it will be set as Default Release.

After finishing the above steps, click on Generate Command and copy it to the command line.

View linked execution and release in Katalon TestOps

After executing your test suite with CLI, sign in to Katalon TestOps and go to your project, then go to Planning > Releases. You can view the list of all releases here.


Click on a release (e.g., the 7.6 release) and select Test Runs to view all test executions linked to the chosen Release.