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Import Preferences to Katalon Studio

In Katalon Studio, you can import Preferences configurations of another Katalon Studio instance to reuse. This function is useful when you download a new version of Katalon Studio or you want to reuse the Preferences configurations of your project team.

  • If you have more than one version of Katalon Studio on your machine, you might want to rename them with their version numbers. For example, Katalon Studio 7.8.0.

To import Preferences, do as follows:

  1. Open Katalon Studio, then go to File > Import Settings. This action opens the config folder of your Katalon Studio instance.

    import settings

  2. Browse to the config folder of your preferred version. For example:

    • macOS:

    • Windows:

      Browse to the Config folder in Windows

      You can also browse a config folder sent from other users.

  3. Click Open. An Info dialog appears when the Preferences are successfully imported.

    info dialog


You can also upgrade Katalon Studio to the latest version by navigating to Help > Check for Updates .... Upgrading in this way keeps your Preferences configuration unchanged. To learn more about this function, see Update Katalon Studio.

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