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Manage Desired Capabilities in Katalon Studio

From version 8.0.0 onwards, you can reuse desired capabilities across Katalon Studio projects by importing and exporting desired capabilities in a JSON file. See also Desired capabilities.

This is useful if you want to:
  • Reuse or copy the configured desired capabilities to another projects with some minor changes.

  • Share the configured desired capabilities for team members to reduce effort.


  • Katalon Studio version 8.0.0 onwards.

  • An active Katalon Studio Enterprise license. You can learn more about activating licenses in this document: Activate Katalon License.

Export desired capabilities

  1. Go to Project/Settings/Desired Capabilities > Choose the driver with the desired capabilities you wish to export. Click Export.

  2. A dialog box appears. Select the destination folder, then click Save.

    Save JSON file

Import desired capabilities

After exporting the JSON files, you can modify them if needed, then import them into another projects.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Project/Settings/Desired Capabilities > choose the driver you want to import the desired capabilities of. Click Import.

  2. A dialog box appears. Click Browse. Navigate to the JSON file you want to import and select it. Click OK.

    • You can decide whether to override all existing desired capabilities by checking/unchecking the Override existing properties box.

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