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Set Custom Desired Capabilities in Katalon Studio

If you want to make a list of custom desired capabilities for some environments, you can use the Custom settings in desired capabilities.

This article shows you how to configure custom capabilities and where they are saved.

Custom desired capabilities

To create a custom execution with desired capabilities, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Project > Settings > Desired Capabilities > Custom. Click Add on the command toolbar to add a custom profile.

    Create a custom profile

  2. Change the name if needed, then click on More (...) under the Value column.

    Edit the custom profile settings

  3. In the Custom Execution Configuration Builder dialog, click Add, then specify the Driver Name for your custom execution.

    Choose the environment to set DC

    • You can have at most one web driver and one mobile driver here since there may be a potential conflict if you use multiple web or mobile drivers in the same test execution.

  4. Click on More (...) under the Preferences column.

  5. The Driver Builder dialog opens. Set desired capabilities for the selected driver. The steps to add new desired capabilities here is similar to configuring desired capabilities in each environment. You can refer to the following documents for setting up desired capabilities in different environment:

    Click OK when you finish.

    Set DC for the chosen environment

Location of custom desired capabilities files

You can find the settings files for custom desired capabilities in the <your test project location>\settings\external\execution folder.