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Common WebDriverAgent installation issues

The following are some common issues you may encounter when install WebDriverAgent.

Unrecognized device.

Try reconnecting the device and click Trust for the connected machine.

Failed to install the WebDriverAgent.

You can try the following workarounds:

  • Add the Read, Write, and Execute permissions to .appium folder.
    sudo chmod -R 777 ~/.appium
  • Reinstall Appium and xcuitest driver.
    npm install -g appium
    appium driver install xcuitest

No provisioning profile.

Make sure you have installed provisioning profile and certificates on your machine.

To view your installed certificates, see: View a signing certificate.

View your provisioning profiles in ~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles.

Don't see your identities.

Invalid trust settings.

Make sure that the Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certificate Authority is added to the login keychain.

Issue when using Xcode 14.x with Appium 1.x

codesign wants to sign using key <keyname> in your keychain.

Configure the access control of the certificate to allow all applications to access the key.
Keychain Access