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Fail to start the Appium server in 60 seconds

When you encounter one of the following errors:

  • Fail to start the Appium server in 60 seconds.
  • Original error: 'x.x.SplashActivity' never started.

You can find the root cause by going to Windows > Katalon Studio Preferences > Katalon > Mobile, then set your Appium Log Level to Debug.

After this change is applied, retry your record/spy session and then open generated .appium file in the project folder. Somewhere in this file you are likely will see these lines:

[debug] [ADB] Running '..\adb.exe' with args: [...] [debug] [ADB] Found package: '' and fully qualified activity name : 'com.egh.jik' [debug] [ADB] Incorrect package and activity. Retrying.

This is because Katalon Studio can't start application due to incorrect package and activity by default, so you need to add additional settings to desired capabilities. Do as follows:

  1. Navigate to Mobile settings (Project > Settings > Execution > default > Mobile > Android).
  2. Add the following key:
    • Name: appWaitActivity.

    • Value: com.* (based on the prefix of 'Found package' log).