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Install plugins online from the Katalon Store

This article shows you how to install plugins online from the Katalon Store.


  • Katalon Studio version 7.0.0 onwards.
  • An active license for Katalon Studio Enterprise. See Katalon license types.

Access the Katalon Store

To access the Katalon Store via Katalon Studio, click on the dropdown next to the Profile icon and select Visit Plugin Store.

visit plugin store

You are directed to the home page of Katalon Store.

Find and install plugins on Katalon Store

  1. You can find plugins on the Katalon Store homepage, or type the name of the plugin in the Search Plugins text box.

    You can view the plugins on the basis of their type, sort them or view them on the basis of their price.

    Plugins that are free to use display with a Free text at the top-left corner of the plugin. This text does not display for paid plugins.

  2. Click the thumbnail image, and in the product details page that appears, click Install followed by Accept and Install that displays in the dialog box.

    The plugin installs, and a message displays accordingly.

  3. After the plugin installation completes, you need to go back to Katalon Studio to reload plugins. See Reload Plugin.

Reload your plugins in Katalon Studio

Reload Plugins allows you to update a list of installed plugins in Katalon Studio, including newly installed plugins.

To reload plugins, click on the drop-down next to Profile and select Reload Plugins.

reload plugins

The Plugins dialog appears with a list of installed plugins, the plugin version, the link to review that plugin in Katalon Store, and the reload plugin status to let you know if the installation has succeeded or failed.

After you reload plugins, newly installed plugins are automatically activated. If you install a Katalon Studio plugin, you can see the logo of the plugin you have installed in the main toolbar. Custom Keywords plugins do not have logos. For Custom Keywords plugins​, you can find a list of custom keywords ready for use added to the Keyword Browsers​.