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Debug your platform plugin using Eclipse IDE

This tutorial will illustrate how to debug a platform plugin using Eclipse IDE via Java Remote Debugging feature.


  1. Java SDK 1.8
  2. Maven 3.3+
  3. Katalon Studio version 6.1.0 or later
  4. Eclipse IDE (We used Eclipse 4.11 in this article)

Step 1: Start Katalon Studio with remote debugger mode

Start Katalon Studio via CLI using this command:

<katalon_installed_folder>/katalon -vmargs -Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=8000

The <katalon_installed_folder> is the absolute path to Katalon installed folder.

If you are using macOS, the <katalon_installed_folder> should be /Applications/Katalon

The address=8000 is a local port number, JVM will allow a debugger to attach to Katalon Studio via this port. You can change to another port if needed.

Step 2: Import your platform plugin to Eclipse IDE as a Maven project

In this example, we will use the last tutorial project: katalon-studio-sample-plugin 1 to debug.

Step 3: Set a breakpoint

Open a Java file and set a breakpoint in the code. In this example, we set the breakpoint in the line of class MyPluginActivationListener:

System.out.println("Hello, my plugin is: " + plugin.getPluginId());

Step 4: Create a Java Remote Application Debugger

Click on the arrow dropdown of Eclipse debug icon , choose Debug Configuration item.

Right-click on the Java Remote Application and choose New Configuration to add new Remote Debugger

Step 5: Configure the Java Remote Application Debugger

Browse to your platform plugin project at the text field under Project section.

Enter the port number you declared at step 1 to the Port: text field under Connection Propertiessection.

Click Debug to finish setup.

If your setup is correct, there is the connect icon which will be displayed on Eclipse toolbar.

Step 6: Import plugin to Katalon Studio and start debugging

Import your plugin and do your expected actions to make the breakpoint you placed at step 2 will be hit.

In this sample, the breakpoint will hit immediately after the plugin successfully installed.

You now can debug your platform plugin project as a normal Java project.

Step 7: Disconnect and stop debugging

Press the icon to disconnect and stop your debugging session.