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Generate groovy doc for a plugin on Katalon Store

Beside publishing your plugin to Katalon Store, you can generate your documentation into groovydoc and add to store.

Add documentation title to build.gradle

In your project, open build.gradle file and update docTitle.

Let’s refer to the following example:

groovydoc {

source = pluginSources

docTitle = 'WaitForAngularLoad Custom Keywords'


Add dependencies to build.gradle

You can add dependencies to build.gradle (optional). Let’s refer to the following example to add dependencies:

dependencies {

compile('com.paulhammant:ngwebdriver:1.1.4') {

exclude group: 'org.seleniumhq.selenium'


If you don't have the dependencies, delete the command lines.

How to build

Run the following command at the root folder:
gradle groovydoc -x compileGroovy

After successfully running the command, there will be the "build" folder displayed in your plugin package.

Add the project to katalon-plugin-docs repository

  • Go to katalon-plugin-docs/
  • Upload your file to “docs” folder
  • Create a pull request and wait for approval

Example of the AngularJS Dropdown Keywords successfully added to Git: AngularJS Dropdown custom keyword.